Monday, August 30, 2010

Red Beans and Rice for the College Cook

This classic should be in everyone's repertoire: it's easy, cheap, and good. I was perusing the preview of the Publix ad, and saw that kielbasa is on sale for $2.50 a pound. Kielbasa is precooked sausage that adds a ton of flavor to whatever you use it in. So, Miss Em and friends, red beans and rice should be on the menu.

You already have the basic ingredients (basic in our College Cooking Crash Course pantry): canned kidney beans, frozen onion, frozen bell pepper, and, of course, hot sauce! Do you need a recipe? Not really.

Combine a few cans of drained beans, a handful each of pepper and onions, and however much sliced kielbasa you want in your rice cooker. Cook till hot! You might want to add a little water because beans sometimes stick.

Oh! No rice cooker yet? Combine all of the above in a biggish microwave safe bowl and heat up.

Serve on rice you have already cooked. Hot sauce to taste.

Red beans and rice freezes well. Rice freezes well. Make enough for a few meals.

PLEASE: get a rice cooker.

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