Thursday, July 28, 2011

Breakfast for the College Cook: What Miss Em Ate

If you look at the meal plans i posted yesterday, you will discover that--expensive though they are--only one provides all meals (the most expensive). Who wants to use an $8.00 meal plan meal for a bowl of cheerios? Or what if you don't have a meal plan?

As parents have been saying for years (even if they don't follow their own advice): Eat breakfast! In Miss Em's first year with a tiny meal plan, she ate . . . oat groats. She started with packages microwave instant oats, which I, Frugal Mom, picked up on sale, but didn't really like the stuff.

Luckily for Miss Em, she doesn't mind breakfast repetition. She started cooking oat groats (aka Scottish or pinhead oats) in--yes!--the rice cooker. She hit on a good method. Put in some groats, add some water and a bit of salt. Turn on. When it comes to a boil, put on warm. Keep checking and add more water as necessary.

If you read the above paragraph, you will see that Miss Em figured out a way to turn a rice cooker into a slow cooker, which is good for cereals. She made enough for a week and ate some every morning, heated in the microwave. She had it with boxed soymilk, craisins, and enough cinnamon to scent the entire campus. And brown sugar.

Note that these items are all dorm friendly and can, in fact, be bought on Amazon. We had the oat groats sent to her.

You can get soymilk at Amazon too, but I found the cheapest prices at Dollar Tree.

Nothing needs refrigeration except the cooked oat groats!

Do you have any ideas for breakfasts for the College Cook?

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