Friday, July 29, 2011

Lunch and Dinner for the College Cook

True confession: Even though Frugal Son and I KiLLED OURSELVES putting together rice cooker recipes for Miss Em, she seldom cooked any of them. That is because I was an enabler, although in this instance, I enabled Miss Em to eat well with no work on her part. I was happy to do it.

We sent her off to college with 40 frozen bean and cheese burritos. This made the base of about 30 meals for around $10.00. Compare to the meal plan cost of at least $7.00 (so $210.00!) or even the Lean Cuisine or fast food cost.

Then we got more ambitious. After all, it's easier to cook at home in my comfy kitchen than to brave the rice cooker in a tiny dorm kitchen area. We put together ziplock bags of frozen African peanut soup, shrimp and corn chowder, ratatouille, and other things. All these can be eaten over rice.

Now the ideas are percolating. I'm making some chicken chili (Miss Em is not too thrilled with beef or sausage these days).

My newest idea is to make some vegetarian lasagne, bake it, and cut into squares and freeze.

Readers: Any other ideas for dishes that can be frozen in individual portions? I'm especially interested in those that can be meals in a dish.

A bunch of food frozen at home would be more useful to the college student than much of the junk crammed into dorm rooms. What a wonderful gift.


  1. I'll comment! I have two kids who know how to cook, but they're not so good with the budgeting. This would be a lifesaver for them!

  2. Haha! As you are the only entrant, you may get one for each child. Good luck.