Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Beginning as a College Cook: Pantry

Miss Em shares a kitchen space with 3 other people. There's no stove. Almost no storage space. AND she is car-free. The dorm cook has many limitations.

Last year, we hit on the idea of creating a dorm pantry, one that could be kept on a bookshelf or under the bed. Since it is easy for me to pick up various items as I see them, we packed up the car with a bunch of stuff, saving Miss Em many trips to the Publix right off campus.

A lot of food required no refrigeration--and I'm not talking about boxed mac and cheese.

soy milk
canned tomatoes
canned beans

If you've cooked even a little bit, you can see how these items can form the base of many meals, augmented with some fresh stuff.

OOPS! Forgot my fave: peanut butter.

Can you think of anything else?

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