Thursday, September 15, 2011

Leftover Frittata with Beans in a Tortilla: Third Meal!

It seems to me that the key to easy cooking is transformation. Like Proteus, the sea god, things turn to other things, involving very little in terms of time, mess, or cost.

So far, a simple rice concoction involving 4 ingredients turned into an egg dish, either a frittata for the lucky dorm cook with stove access or a simple scramble for those with only a rice cooker. In both cases, you have another possibility: Tex-mex or maybe Dorm-mex.

Take the can of beans stashed under your bed, mash up a few and put with egg stuff in a tortilla. Heat in microwave. Or not. I've seen many cookbooks suggest feta in Mexican dishes, so you're still within the borders of authenticity.

Of course, you'll add some hot sauce.

4 ingredients plus eggs plus beans plus tortillas plus hot sauce. Eight total and you still have some of everything left for your next adventure.

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