Sunday, September 18, 2011

What to Bring to a Potluck: Beans, Of Course

We just got off the phone with Miss Em. She is going to a potluck dinner. Since she lacks a kitchen, she thought she'd go buy some cookies at Publix. YUK!

I pointed out that she could mix a can of the black beans (drain and rinse them!) I just sent her via Amazon with a can of Rotel tomatoes (don't drain), which I sent with her to school. All she'd need to get would be some chips.And--if that proved too difficult--she could count on their being an overabundance of chips, as there generally are at potlucks.

She was very happy with this idea and pointed out that she could add a can of corn (drain that too). Yes indeed.

Now, what if there are leftovers? You could scramble beans and salsa with eggs and chips making the famous dish migas.

Or egg-free, you could mix chips with the leftover beans and salsa, top with cheese, and heat in the microwave. This is a dorm version of chilaquiles.

Can you think of other easy potluck dishes for the college cook?

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