Tuesday, October 26, 2010

College Cooking: First-Hand Experience

Mr FS and I took a long-planned trip to visit Miss Em, our very own college cook. A few days before our visit, we received an email: I need 35 more burritos and some frozen ratatouille. We were happy to oblige.

It was our first visit since move-in day. We realized that the kitchen area is soooo tiny and so hard to work in that preparing ANYTHING is an ordeal. We realized that our cookbook WOULD be great: mix some stuff in your rice cooker and voila: a meal. Yes, we were wise to rely on chopped frozen onions and peppers.

Still, as I've mentioned before, Miss Em has used her rice cooker for rice and oat groats, both of which she cooks in quantity and refrigerates. The bean and cheese burritos have made her first semester as a college cook so easy.

It took us (Mr. FS, really, since I fell asleep early that night) about an hour to make the 30 burritos. Talk about a good return on time investment.

If you don't have a family willing to make and transport a semester's worth of bean burritos, make them yourself. OR check out the cookbook Frugal Son and I put together, which makes college dorm cooking possible and maybe even enjoyable.

From Amazon, if you have a Kindle. Or from us (see upper-right)if you want a pdf.

We even tell you how to make burritos in the book. See the recipe here.

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