Monday, October 11, 2010

Thomas Keller Soup Favorite in Your Rice Cooker

Oh, what a deceptive title. It is all over the blogosphere: Thomas Keller likes Progresso lentil soup. The source of that rumor (or fact) is Food and Wine: Keller's partner, Laura Cunningham, describes what they eat at home:

I wish I could say we cook at home, but we've been too busy; oatmeal, bread and cheese, yogurt and Progresso lentil soup have been the favorites this past busy year.

Isn't it great to know that you can eat what the great chef and restaurateur eats--and you don't need a stove. So, get some Progresso lentil soup and heat it in your rice cooker.

To add some bulk and nutrition, throw in some noodles or rice and some frozen spinach. You might need a bit of water or broth too.

This is what it looks like, courtesy of Amazon:

I've seen a lot of the lentil recently at Big Lots and Dollar Tree for a dollar or a little more. Don't tell Thomas!

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