Saturday, September 18, 2010

Chilaquiles: What to Do with Stale Corn Chips

This recipe was featured on my other blog a while back. It is so easy. It doesn't require a stove. It takes only a few ingredients.

In fact, most of the ingredients are from the COLLEGE COOKING CRASH COURSE list. You do need some corn chips. It occurs to me that stale corn chips are thrown out by the bagful in college dorms and apartments. Here is your chance to save the environment.

So here is a 15 minute meal. The one thing you have to do in advance is have some cooked beans; otherwise, use canned. No recipe necessary. At least, I've never used one. Looks ugly, tastes great.

Chilaquiles for Tex-Mex Lovers Only

Rotel tomatoes or salsa
Corn chips
Beans spiced with whatever (we use a Cajun blend with black beans or pintos)
Grated cheese (cheddar, muenster,jack, whatever)

Do this as many times as you have room for and then top with sour cream. The original recipe called for baking, but I've discovered that you can heat in the microwave.

The original of this recipe was in the Greens Cookbook. It called for a spicy tomato sauce, spiced beans, frying corn tortillas, and a bunch of other stuff. I think the sauce was thickened with nuts. I was telling a friend that I wanted to make it, but that the recipe was too time-consuming. He was shocked and said, "It's a convenience food. Use chips."

I never looked back.
Bon appetit.

Just in case: but the recipes are mostly a bit fussy, typical of restaurant-based cookbooks.

Here is my easy cookbook for Kindle-owners. See upper-right for access to the pdf version.

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