Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Ultimate Free Food for College Students: Dinner with Poets

Ah, free food. A blessing for college students. I myself have never never recovered from college and graduate school poverty. Hence I find it hard to resist any free food opportunity, even if it is some velveeta on a ritz cracker.

Frugal Son has for the first time availed himself of the weekly offerings of various religious groups on campus. He is supposed to be writing a post on that.

Meanwhile, Miss Em recently had an amazing opportunity: to go to a dinner at a restaurant for a visiting poet. She was nervous.

I told her about the time Gary Snyder came to my English class in college. We were all so in awe of him, not to mention that he was way hipper than any of us, that we sat dumbstruck. A classmate ran into Snyder years later; Snyder said "Were you in that terrified class?" UHHHH. Yes.

To help Miss Em out, just in case she had to ask a question, I told her the best question I ever heard a student ask a visiting poet: "How do you know when a poem is done?" You are welcome to use that question in your own academic lives.

I can't remember the name of the poet visiting Miss Em's school, but I did ask about the meal.

mahi mahi, blackened
this squash stuff with cheese and breadcrumbs
mustard greens
fried green tomatos
a dessert platter
it was insaaaane

See what I mean about Gary Snyder being way hipper than, well, everyone?

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