Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Do You Own or Would You Buy a Fasta Pasta?

Here I am, trying to figure out how the College Cook can survive without a stove. It's funny: the College Cook for whom I am doing this work has not cooked anything so far. That is because we sent her off with many, many frozen burritos, which she has been enjoying.

Today I came upon this weird device: the Fasta Pasta. This supposedly is great for cooking pasta in the microwave.

It has zillions of ecstatic reviews on Amazon. I even watched an amiable fellow test it on Youtube.

Should I buy one for "research"? Or is it just too tacky?

I've decided that I will test karma by seeing if one shows up at Goodwill over the next month or so.

Does anyone own one of these things?


  1. I used to make pasta in the microwave in a corell circular pot/casserole. The trick is to get the water boiling and to use quicker cooking pastas (that are also short enough to fit entirely inside the pot).

  2. Hmmmm--thanks for the info. I am going to try--don't really want a plastic single use item at the moment.