Wednesday, September 1, 2010

An Idea from my Rice Cooker Hero, Roger Ebert: Augmenting Canned Soup

Oh, Roger Ebert, how I esteem you! The famous movie critic, who, because of surgery, can no longer eat or speak, is about to publish a rice cooker cookbook. I can't be the only one eagerly awaiting its September 21 publication.

When I was first struggling through my early rice cooker efforts, I was lucky enough to come upon his blog, which sings the praises of what he calls "the pot."

Here is one good idea for the College Cook. Take a can of soup. I know, canned soup is vile. I seldom eat it: too salty, not substantial enough--all around fake tasting. Ebert suggests using the canned soup as a base for a better soup.

I tried this: I had Progresso beef and potato soup. I added a can of tomatoes, a can of drained beans, a handful of macaroni, and some water (or you could use broth). Put all in rice cooker. Turned on the rice cooker and let it bubble for a bit. Checked the macaroni for doneness. Turned it to Warm. Threw in a handful of frozen chopped spinach.

Those are all among the 20 ingredient pantry list of our little etome (see the upper right for ordering info). Anyway, thanks Roger Ebert: the soup was pretty good. Also easy. Also cheap. And pretty "good for you," especially given its sodium-laden base.

Check out my hero's forthcoming book. I know I will.

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