Thursday, September 23, 2010

College Cooking Stage 2

More on the stages of College Cooking from Frugal Son. This time, he looks at convenience foods, somewhat cheaper than restaurant dining, but still expensive, and not very satisfying.

Stage 2

Convenience Foods

Convenient and that’s about it.

Typical Scenario

After going for your afternoon run, you come back to your dorm and you’re STARVING. You pull some microwaveable frozen lasagna out of the fridge, pop it in the microwave and voilĂ , dinner is served. Very little prep or clean-up time but you have to go to the store every time you run out of stuff and, unless you have a full-size fridge, that’ll be fairly frequently. The reason this food can taste good is because of the massive amounts of salt and fat that mask the taste of preservatives. Negative bonus points for environmental reasons: a lot of waste is generated when you have to throw out all the plastic and cardboard the items come in. Convenience food CAN be cheap, but the portions are small, and name-brand items (Stouffers, Kraft, Lean Cuisine etc.) are pricey. We’ll say $5 per meal.

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